Music Standards & Curriculum

Curriculum developement in the Arts in MPS has been ongoing for as long as I've been in the District.  While the National Standards have been constant, the MN State Music Standards have changed at least 2 times since I've been in the District.  I've had the opportunity to develop District Music Curriculum a number of times in the past 8 years that included working with Perpich & Scott Schuler.  That work has greatly impacted my teaching. I am currently working on a District-wide Focused Instruction Curriculum Development.  It is both exciting and challenging work.  

In their simplest form, the State and National Standards are below. 
You will notice that both sets of standards work very well together.

The MN State Standards are listed as:

  • Foundations
  • Create
  • Perform
  • Respond

Click here to see the new 2014 National Standards 

The OLD National Standards were:

3.1 Sing
3.2 Perform on Instruments
3.3 Improvise
3.4 Compose & Arrange
3.5 Read & Notate
3.6 Listen & Analyze
3.7 Evaluate
3.8 Relationships between Music, the Other Arts and Disciplines Outside the Arts
3.9 History & Culture

Below is a link to the MPS Arts Curriculum Page. 
It is heavy with information and contains links to additional resources. 
Some are for staff only and require a password.

Here are some of the more recent versions of the curriculum that have been used in guiding Music Instruction:

PDF Standards Poster - State Focus   --  This poster shows how the National Standards fit into the MN State Standards.
PDF Standards Poster - National Focus   --  This poster shows how the MN State Standards fit into the National Standards.
PDF Music Scope & Sequence   --  While an older document, it is still a good one-page reference that is fairly accurate to what students are learning in class.
PDF MN Arts Standards   --  This is the current working version of the MN Standards in the Arts.