Help Managing Stress & Anxiety

MPS has a variety of supports to help students and families manage the stress and anxiety they are experiencing during these trying times living under COVID-19 and now the unrest our city is experiencing.

There are also tips for families on how they can help their children during this stressful time.

Families should know these support resources are free and that multilingual assistance is available.


Here is a new resource from the  CWS wellness team -  Allina Health has created a new program to help students during distance learning called Change to Chill. The interactive website is tailored to students of all ages and the adults who work with them. Change to Chill helps students become more of their feelings and equips them with relevant tools and resources to better manage stress and anxiety, so they can live happier, more resilient lives.

Checkout our Home Wellness Resources site for this week’s Wellness Wednesday activity where we highlight their Values Circle worksheet and more!


Integrate these resources to grow awareness and build useful support systems in your community — whether you’re looking for activities to manage your personal mental health and well-being or looking for resources to help others.

Virtual Chill Zone:

Virtual Care Package:

Weekly Newsletter:

Living with Grief and Loss (coping with change):

Coping with Change Videos (top 4):

Change to Chill & Health Powered Kids "Press and Play" Modules for grades K-3, 4-6, and 7-12 Change to Chill Google Folder

Change to Chill 101 Community Training: 10/1 from 9AM-10:30AM on Zoom **open to all community partners, school partners, etc. Free of charge. Register in advance:

Activities, Tools, Worksheets:

Chiller Challenge:; schools can encourage students to submit their own chillers for a chance to win a gift card each month. Students can find inspiration on Instagram (@changetochill), Twitter (@AllinaHealth) and Pinterest on Allina Health's Change to Chill board.