Whittier Pollinator Garden
Monarch Caterpillar
Danaus plexippus

Welcome to the garden.

The Whittier Pollinator Garden restores native habitat for bees, birds, moths and butterflies.  We are joining with schools from around the country to protect pollinators through native habitat restoration. Likewise our monarch butterfly habitat is part of a nation-wide effort to plant milkweed and bring back monarch populations.  

Wildlife can find nourishment here all year long, thanks to a variety of native plants, all chosen with nature in mind.  

We have dozens of individual milkweed plants, to attract monarch butterflies.  Follow the milkweed and all of the other native plants, week by week, right here.  Just click on the photos below to see our weekly nature notes, tracking the evolution of the garden over time.  You'll find out who's doing the blooming, what pollinators are paying visits, and what new plants have been added.  This type of archive is called a "phenology" or a study of natures changes over time!!  We like to call it "Urban Phenology"

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