Who is the PTA? It is all of us and any of us who have a personal connection to Whitter International Elementary. Are you a parent or caregiver of a Whittier student? Are you a teacher or staff member at Whittier? You are the PTA!

All parents, caregivers, staff, and teachers at Whittier International are welcome and encouraged to participate in the PTA. To learn how you can be active in the PTA, please click here.

The PTA is organized to support the mission of the school and the mission of the PTA. The PTA's mission is to be:

  • A powerful voice for all children
  • A relevant resource for all families and communities
  • A strong advocate for the eduation and well-being of every child
  • An enabler for enhancing the relationship between home and school

Please explore the links to the right to learn about how we are organized: elected officers, executive committee, standing and special commitees, meetings, bylaws, and operating rules.