Jeff "Nacho" Carlson
Jeff "Nacho" Carlson

Jeff "Nacho" Carlson has been Community Education Coordinator at Whittier since 2012.  You'll find him in the After School Program, making sure everybody gets on the right bus, tracking down a lost backpack, or high-fiving a student after she scores a goal.  Mr. Nacho has two beautiful daughters who attend or have attended Whittier.  He lives right in the neighborhood and has a passion for learning about new language and cultures, and for building connection to the natural world.  You might just see him ride by on a bicycle or standing in awe of a Monarch Butterfly perched on milkweed.  He loves working with all Whittier students to build the best Community Education Programs in Minneapolis!!!

Whittier Community Education partners with families, students and staff to build quality before and after school opportunities.  Find out more here!

Our mission is create diverse learning experiences while forming a bridge between the school and the community, and fostering a joy of learning among people of all ages and cultures.  


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