Whittier International Elementary
315 W. 26th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

School Hours: 
9:20 a.m. - 4:10 p.m.



Attendance: 612.668.4186
Main Office: 612.668.4170
Lunchroom: 612.668.4184
Transportation: 612.668.2300
Social Worker: 612.668.4177
Health Office: 612.668.4186
Community Ed: 612.668.4181
Somali interpreter: 612.668.4192
Spanish interpreter: 612.668.4190
 Fax (main office): 612.668.4180


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Directions to the campus
Whittier International Elementary School is located at the intersection of 26th Street and Grand Avenue.  It is situated on the east side of Whittier Park. 

Parking is very limited and our neighborhood very congested!   Please consider taking transit, bicycle, or walking to arrive at Whittier!

By Public Transit:

Whittier is well served by City Bus.  Take Route 4 on Lyndale and get off at 26th Street.  Walk two block east to Whittier.  Bus 17, 18 and 21 also serve Whittier.  Check Metro Transit for Routes and Schedules.  

By Bicycle:

The Midtown greenway is just two blocks south of us. Exit at the Soo Line Garden at Harriet Avenue, we also have a nice ride station at 26th and Lyndale, two blocks west of the school. Plenty of bike parking at 27th and Grand, and at the main entrance on the 27th Street side. Additionally, both 26th Street and 28th Street have protected lanes so those are also great routes to arrive at Whittier by bicycle. Check the City of Minneapolis Bicycle Map for the latest route information.  

By Foot:  

MPS Safe Routes to School has published a walking map with great walking routes to Whittier.  

Thank you for considering non-car transportation to Whittier. This helps make our school safer for children by reducing vehicle conflicts and congestion around our campus.  

If you do drive:

Whittier is located at 315 West 26th Street. Parking is on-street for visitors, which is very limited. If you drive to Whittier be sure to make time to look for parking. Enter the school on the 27th Street side, through the main entrance that faces the park and 27th street. Go up the Grand Staircase at 27th and Grand to access the main entrance. For Accessible Entrance, please use the circle drive door off of 26th Street.