School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan (SIP)
The Minneapolis Public School district holds itself accountable for continuous improvement to close the achievement gap while raising achievement for all students. The Continuous Improvement process addresses the needs of all schools and all academic departments. MPS is committed to using data to inform and focus improvement efforts.

Our School Improvement Plan includes detailed step-by-step actions that we are taking to bring more of our students up to grade level proficiency in math and literacy as measured by the MCA-III. We have outlined the actions that we will take as a community of learners to improve teaching methods by diagnosing the specific needs of students in order provide more targeted intervention and enrichment opportunities in math and literacy.

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) serves two purposes:

  1. It is a tool that is used to focus school staff and align initiatives and learning with our continuous school improvement efforts.
  2. It fulfills district, state and federal requirements, including requirements for Schoolwide Title I, Targeted Assistance.

Whittier International Elementary School has been identified as a Focus school by the Minnesota Department of Education's Multiple Measurement Rating system. Whittier's most current School Improvement Plan (SIP) is avaiable below.