ALC - Extended Day Learning

ALC classes are offered to select students and are FREE.  
ALC classes are an extension of the academic school day that supports students’ success during the school day.
Class sizes are small and taught by licensed teachers.   
Lessons are designed to support individual student needs.  

Once enrolled, students will remain in the ALC class for the remainder of the school year.  
Keep this in mind if you are planning to sign up for Community Ed classes as well.  
Plan for classes that are offered on days that your child is not already in ALC.  Excellent attendance is required.

The primary goal of ALC classes is to increase student success on tests.
Literacy and Math are the subjects, taught in a fun atmosphere for after school.

End Of Day Schedule for ALC students:
Students go to the Cafeteria when dismissed from the regular school day.
They find their class location, eat a snack and go with their teacher after attendance is taken.
At 5:30, students begin making their way to their dismissal locations.
Those who ride the bus, check in with the person who is in charge of the bus that day and sit in line until all students are accounted for.
Students who are picked up go to the Circle Drive entrance and wait for their ride. 

Registration forms can be downloaded from the links at the bottom of the page.
To register, fill out the form, put ALC and the grade as the class offered and $0 for the cost.
Give the form to the office to register.

**Some classes are waitlisted.

Contact Kristin Bennett for more information.
Jeff Carlson manages transportation and can also register your child.

Contact info:

Community Ed Office:
Room 136