Library Books

We love books, and we hope to instill that same love of books in your child.  Parents can help us by:

1. Reading  or discussing the books they check out together.

2. Finding a safe place to keep books so they will not get damaged or lost.

3. Reminding your child to treat books carefully and to cary his/her books to school in a plastic bag, or in a backpack.

4. Helping them remember to return books on their library day.

5.  Helping your child understand that they are responsible for their books and that any lost or damaged materials need to be paid for.

Help your child look for lost books.  They end up in the most unusual places -- like buried in their bedding or even in the freezer!  Damaged books should be returned to the library and we will fix them if we can.  Books lost or beyond repair should be paid for in the library, either in person or by sending the money or check in an envelope with the student.  Younger students can give the envelope to their teacher.  Change and a receipt will be sent back home with the students.  Books found later can be returned for a refund.

If paying for the book is a hardship, talk to us to see what other options there are.  We want your child to be responsible, and we want them to be reading!

6. Students use of library books is part of their grade report. When grades come out, go over Information Media scores with your child.  Ask them why they got the scores they did, Congratulate them on the work they did well.  Make an appointment, or stop by on conference days to find out more information about how your child is doing. 


~ The Whittier Media Staff