Student Internet Policy
Special School District No. 1
Minneapolis Public Schools
807 N.E. Broadway    Minneapolis, MN  55413

6415 B
Internet, E-mail and Network Rules
for Student Use       Regulation
Original Adoption: 05/26/2009      Effective Date: 05/27/2009
Revision Dates:      
The purpose of this regulation is to establish appropriate rules for educational and  ethical student uses of the Internet, e-mail and District networks at school and to  identify individual student responsibilities.


A. The use of District access to the Internet, to District e-mail accounts and
District networks is a privilege.
B. District policies regarding harassment, violence, bullying and hazing apply to Internet and e-mail use regardless of the access point used.

C. Students will :

1. use only those Internet sites that are connected to their course of study or
that a teacher has given them permission to use.
2. follow all policies, laws and regulations regarding copyright and use of
Internet materials.
3. at all times accurately represent themselves on the system.  
4. use appropriate language.  Speech or language that is inappropriate for
classroom use is inappropriate for Internet or e-mail use.
D. Students will not:

1. divulge their whole name, address or telephone number through email or
internet access unless directed to do so by a teacher for an educational
2.  upload or transmit multimedia including the voice or image of any other
person unless directed to do so by a teacher for educational purposes.
3. use anyone else’s password or open or use anyone else’s files unless
directed to do so by a teacher for educational purposes.
E. Students shall not 

1. download or install any software while using the District system without
2. open links leading to advertising or competitions, unless directed to do so
by a teacher for educational purposes.
3. use proxy servers to access Internet content that is blocked by any filter
employed by the District.
4. use the District system to post unauthorized or inappropriate personal
information about a user or another individual on social networks,
including, but not limited to, networks such as “MySpace” and
F. Student files and e-mails created or transmitted using the District system are
District property and may be viewed by District personnel at any time.


A. Schools shall post these regulations electronically and otherwise.
B. School staff shall teach these regulations to students prior to student use of the
C. School staff is responsible for enforcing these regulations, and are required to
report violations to the school principal, site administrator or designee.
D. Students are responsible for following these regulations. Students who violate these regulations are subject to discipline according to the citywide
disciplinary policy and school rules, which may include loss of access  privileges, suspension, paying for repairs or damages, or referral to civil or
criminal system authorities for possible prosecution.
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Cross References:
MPS Policy 1040 (Data Practices)
MPS Policy 4002 (Harassment and Violence Prohibition)
MPS Policy 5000 (Equal Education Opportunity)
MPS Policy 5200 (Citywide Disciplinary Policy)
MPS Policy 5201 (Bullying and Hazing Prohibition)
MPS Policy 6415 (Internet and Educational Network Use)