Whittier High 5 Program
Your teachers:  Ms. Kristin & Ms. Tazia

Welcome to High Five at Whittier! We are excited you are joining our school family!  The Whittier High 5 Program is a half-day program for Minneapolis children who turn four by September 1st and who will start kindergarten the following fall.

***Please Note:  For the 2021-2022 School Year, we wil have 2 full-day High 5 classrooms.  One of these classrooms will be taught in English and the other will be taught "one-way dual-language" in Spanish (MUST be a native Spanish speaker for entry into this classroom).

In High Five, we create a positive school experience that promotes independence and a love for school and learning. Throughout the day, your student will engage in a variety of rich learning opportunities that include both academic and social skills. Here are a few skills we work on in High Five:

Literacy and Pre-reading Skills

  • Identification of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Letter sounds
  • Writing our full name
  • Rhyming words
  • Alliteration


  • Identifying numbers 0-10
  • Counting to 31 and higher
  • Sorting
  • Identifying and making patterns
  • One more and one less

Social Emotional Learning

  • Sharing
  • Taking turns
  • Building independence
  • Managing our emotions
  • Problem-solving skills