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Grade 2




Grade 2 Homework Policy:

The homework policy for 2nd Grade is that all second grade teachers will give homework that includes math and literacy which will equal a minium of 30 minutes a day.  This includes a daily book bag at each student's level for reading at home.

Units of Inquiry: 

1.  Who We Are: Citizens use social structures to organize and make changes in society.  An inquiry into:

  • rights and responsibilities
  • historical artifacts and figures
  • civic skills

2.  How We Organize Ourselves:  Currency helps people exchange goods and services.  An inquiry into:

  • evolution of money
  • economic choices
  • markets around the world

3.  Where We are in Place and Time:  People use geographic representations to acquire and interpret information.  And inquiry into:

  • geographic representations
  • interpreting information
  • major landforms

4.  How We Express Ourselves:   Culture influences stories.  An inquiry into:

  • how stories are expressed in different cultures
  • purpose of stories
  • story elements and structure of stories

5.  How The World Works:  Weather and systems affect living and non-living things.  An inquiry into:

  • properties of air
  • observing weather
  • exploring different weather systems

6.  Sharing the Planet:  All living things undergo changes as they go through life.  An inquiry into:

  • Life cycles of different living things
  • Endangered species
  • Environmental impact on life cycles