Arbor Day Tree Planting
Planting trees provides oxygen
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Arbor Day 2019

Arbor Day Trees

Update: This fall, our trees graced the park with gorgeous fall color.  All trees appear healthy and have made it through their second summer.  Read all the details on our lates Arbor Day Tree Assessment, for Fall 2020


Update: today, May 11, 2020, exactly one year after our Arbor Day trees were planted, we walked around the park and conducted our first annual assessment of the health of our trees.  Of the 29 trees that we planted, 20 are perfectly healthy showing no signs of stress.  Two trees are slightly stressed, but will likely make it.  And seven trees did not survive the first year.  In four of these cases, we will be planting a new tree to replace the one that succumbed. For a more detailed analysis of Arbor Day tree health, you can read our May 2020 Arbor Day Tree Assessment.


Whittier's Arbor Day Story...

On May 11, 2019, Whittier families joined with Minneapolis Park Board Foresters to plant 29 new trees in our park.  Each class adopted a tree and kept a close eye on it during the critical first few months of the tree's life.  All trees are native MN species chosen for their wildlife value, and will provide shade, food for wildlife, and nesting sites for birds for many generations to come.  


Arbor Day Tree Map

Use this map to see where all of our new trees were planted and how they are doing!  We will keep an updated log of how trees are progressing for the first five years of the trees life at Whittier.

adopt a tree
Each class adopted a tree and committed to monitoring the tree's health.
Lamberty mulches
Principal Lamberty got involved moving mulch!