Student Composition
1st Grade Class Composition
1st Grade Class Composition - Using the TAP KWC chart to set up the composition

All students will be composing music. We are starting with class compositions to become familiar with the process and enjoy our new music. Then students begin to explore the freedom of creating their own music.  All children are able to succeed in this process to the level of their ability.

K & 2nd Grade students are using a simplified worksheet to ensure their success. They work with basic rhythms and limited number of pitches. They perform their composed pieces on the xylophone.

In the photos here, you will notice that we tried a new process where we wrote a 4 beat measure and then used it 4 times.  Our pitches made the repeated rhythms much more interesting and very musical.  This process enabled the students to focus more on the pitch and less on rhythm while they were managing multiple processes at the same time.

3rd - 5th Grade students are using a process that begins with Improvisation to compose music that they are able to play that is also more "musical".  The ultimate goal is to create more than 1 complementary part.


2nd Grade Composition
2nd Grade Composition - also using the TAP KWC Chart
steps that we use are:

  1. Learn to play the instruments
  2. Create a class composition and learn to play it
    • Write rhythm
    • Speak it
    • Edit/correct it
    • Speak and play on drums
    • Add pitches
    • Say pitches in rhythm
    • Say and play the music
  3. Students use the same process to create their own music.  Students are encouraged to help one another and try each other's music.