Somali Songs That Our Kids Know

Below are resources to help students and families prepare to perform Somali songs at the Poetry Jam on November 19, 2015.  
There are 2 that I have been taught well so far.  
By well, I mean in an authentic way by Somali friends.

Links to videos - lyrics are below:

Arday Baan Ahayoo - taught by Ms. Webi
Whittier students practicing Arday Baan Ahayoo

Aqoon La'aan Waa Iftiin La'aan - Song taught by Mr. Omer
Aqoon La'aan Waa Iftiin La'aan - pronunciation

To the right is a link for those who would like to participate in submitting poetic lyrics for a work that has been commissioned to be composed to represent Somali students in our schools.