Andrea Love - Student Support Team
Andrea Love

Hello! My name is Andrea Love and I am a member of the Student Support Team. My job is to support students during conflict and crisis. Some of the things I do include deescalating stressful situations, listening to students when they’re really upset, helping students find solutions to interpersonal problems, and assisting kids in calming down and getting back to class. I also supervise students during breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria and during bus pick-up and drop-off.


I love my job and I’m proud to be a Whittier Wolf! This is my second year at Whittier. I love working with young people because they are curious, creative, hilarious, resilient, and inspiring. I think adults can learn a lot from the young people we work with! I am passionate about making school a place where everyone feels welcome, safe, and has every opportunity to do their best learning.


Outside of my job, I enjoy caring for my garden and house plants (I have about 50!), spending time with my two cats and my puppy, reading, hiking, and doing art projects.


If you have any questions, I can be reached at