Ahmed Warsame - Family and Community Liaison
Ahmed Warsame

Hello, Whittier Families! (Nabadeey Qoysaska Whittier)

My name is Ahmed Warsame and technically this is my second school year as a Whittier Family and Community Liaison. I’m excited to be part of the Whittier Family.

I worked at Metro School as a Computer Teacher from 2017-2019 and I also worked at Minneapolis Public Schools as an Associate Educator. I'm a family man with three boys and one princess, one of them started Dakota Technical College, while the other three are going to Apple Valley High, Southview Elementary and Apple Valley Middle School.

I really enjoying working at this school and I will make sure all the work is done as needed and help our students, families and school administration. I cannot wait to see you all soon in person or through remote learning.