Special Notes
Immunizations Requirements

Healthy kids learn better-research shows it. Minneapolis 8th graders are more than twice as likely to pass the Minnesota Basic Standards Reading Test if their attendance is 95 percent of school days versus those attending only 80 to 85 percent.

All Minneapolis Public School students must have their immunizations up to date* and the school must have the child's shot records for him or her to start school. The "No Shots. No School." campaign has helped ensure that over 98 percent of new and current students are properly immunized. This means fewer students miss critical days in the classroom due to vaccine-preventable illness or incomplete immunization records.

As always, students can be exempt from the requirement for medical reasons or due to conscientiously held beliefs. Students who have submitted documentation of the exemption are considered "up to date." See the Immunization Requirements for Attendance in Minnesota Schools form below for details.


  • Immunization requirements for students in the state of Minnesota. For a printer friendly version (pdf) of this document, click here.
  • Immunization form (pdf)
    Bring this form to your doctor or clinic office when your child receives their immunizations. Immunization records must be given to your child's school health office before the child can attend class. These forms are also available from the district's Student Placement Services, 910 West Broadway, ph: 612-668-1840. This form must be completed if a student is claiming an exemption to the school immunization law for medical reasons or conscientiously held beliefs.
  • To get your child's shots up to date and to get a physical exam, call your doctor or clinic. If you don't have a health insurance or don't know where to go for immunizations, call the Minneapolis Public Schools HotShot Line at 612-668-0870 for a referral.
  • "History and Physical Examination Form" (pdf): Minneapolis Public Schools recommends that all students entering kindergarten and 7th grade have a physical examination to help identify health problems that may interfere with learning. If a problem is identified, the information from the doctor will help us to plan for the student's health needs at school. Students who wish to play competitive sports in grades 7 - 12 must have a physical examination and give a copy of the completed form to the school. Bring this form with you to your doctor/clinic appointment.
  • "Annual Health Information Form"(pdf): If your child will not be getting a physical exam, please give the school current health information every year using the Annual Health Information form. We ask that parents complete the form every school year and send it to their child's school health office.
  • For families with English as a second language.
  • The Healthy Learners Board is a partnership of community leaders working together to foster healthy students who can attend school every day, ready to learn. The "No Shots. No School." campaign is one of the Healthy Learners Board initiatives.