Music Resources is the site for Plank Road Publishing.  I get all my music from this company because they give very liberal permissions with their copyright.  Students can search songs and play them online.  Not the whole song, but good chunks of them.

DOWNLOAD your favorite songs from Music K-8 for $0.99 each!!

Classical MPR in the Classroom - videos to teach about music
Listen to Music from the 13-14 Class Notes Artists CD
Listen to Music from the 14-15 Class Notes Artists CD

How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

Your Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Pow Wows

Puff the Magic Dragon Video - this is the OLD one that I remember from when I was a kid. lets your kids learn about science, math, reading and music.  They can compose using fractions, boomwhackers, pickles...  You name it, it's there.  What a great way to let your kids have a blast and not even realize that they're learning!!

Instruments of the Orchestra - listening game

Smithsonian Global Sound: Music from around the world.  Signing up for an account will not get you SPAM.  Click on "Global Sound Live" for free videos. is the site for purchasing Animusic & Animusic 2.  These are invented computer generated instruments that are animated to music.  You may have had your kids talking up a strom about these videos.  If you search the net, you will be able to find some of the links to the full version of "Pipe Dreams" which was a huge internet hoax.  This a really a great way for kids to see what plays the sounds that they hear.  You can talk about tembre, small/short=high pitch and long/big=low pitch.  Great videos on the design process as well.  Personally, I wouldn't buy them unless the $ is no big deal.

From the Top at Carnegie Hall by PBS has some wonderful television shows online about musicians who are KIDS!  There is some great stuff. 

Center For Arts Education has some great resources for you. 
Check out their publication page where you can find
A Guide for Parents, Pre-K to Second Grade or Children in Grades 3-5
They also have their own resource page.

4 Fingered Pianist is an amazing video about a girl with, yes, 4 fingers!!
" An amazing video on a truly inspiring lady, Heeah Lee, who was born with pincer-like fingers - only 2 on each hand - yet plays the most exquisite music! Be inspired again!!! "

Cirque du Soliel is circus like you've never seen it.  Acrobatics, amazing music, clowns.  This is their website.

Circus Juventas is a wonderful opportunity to see kids perform or to have your own child be a part of the show!  Our own 1st Grader, Colin brought in a video of one of his own shows!!


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