Listen & Analyze, Evaluate

3.6 – Listen and Analyze

3.7 – Evaluate



1.   Listen critically to our performance

2.   Analyze what makes for a good performance

a.    Talk about 2 things that we did well

b.   Talk about 1 thing that we could improve

3.   Evaluate our performance

a.    Score performance according to rubric


Rubric for Listen & Analyze:

1 – Not listening:  singing along, making noise, distracting others or rolling around

2 – Trying to listen: says things like “everything was good” or “we need to improve our singing”, “try harder

3 – Listening: Noticing specific things that you can talk about like “I could understand the lyrics, so we enunciated really well

4 – Listened: Able to explain why things you heard were good or bad, connected to our rubric with detail, “our tone quality and pitch was really bad at first, but then we fixed it.  It was a little rough again at the chorus and we fixed it again.  I could tell that we were really listening to our tone quality and using breath support.  It seems like we had problems when we tried to be really expressive.”


Rubric for Evaluate:

1 – score is based on un-related criteria like friends

2 – score is fairly accurate, but no good explanation

3 – score is accurate and based soundly on the rubric

4 – score is accurate, based soundly on the rubric and explained in detail including supporting evidence.


How do we know that we learned what we needed to learn?

We are able to listen, remember things that relate to our rubric and talk about them specific detail.