Survey Comments of Parents on our ASAP

On the survey, parents have an opportunity to add their own comments.  Here are some from the 2004 - 2005 school year.


What do you like or dislike about the After School Activities Program?



I like that she and her teacher get along well.

He has improved his reading.

I like that it gives the kids something constructive to do after school – learning but having fun at the same time.

I like everything about this program. My daughter is learning a lot.

It gives my child more options to learn and grow.

I like that they can do different activities to keep them busy.

I like the way they are always working on different projects.

I like it all. It helps them a lot.

I like it but I think there should be more options.

My child enjoys the program. It is fun.

I like the help with homework, and that it also works on reading and math.

It helps my daughter with her social skills – how to get along with others.

It keeps kids out of the street and out of trouble.

I like it because she reads and does her homework.

The program is good, except I have had many problems with the transportation.

What I like is that my son does his homework.

I like that my son is learning more.

My son likes many of the classes after school because at home the majority of his time is spent alone and he likes to learn new things. Personally, I like that my son has improved his reading and writing, not just in English but in Spanish. In addition, I like that he has learned about the history of Mexico and other countries.

I like the program because she learns a lot and because my daughter likes the Education Program a lot.

I like that my son has improved in reading and that the program and you help him to do his homework.

Everything is very good. My son has improved a lot. It’s a great program.

I like it because he has learned more.

My children have improved their relationships with their classmates and have improved their mental and physical abilities.

I like it because she participates in activities and learns more.

I like the program because my son is content with his classes in the after school program.

Everything is fine for me and my daughter.

I like it all and how the teachers work with each student.

I like it because there are activities that improve development and learning.

I like the program because I see that my child is very interested in the classes. I see that he is happy.

Kids have something to do when school is out, not hanging out on the street getting in trouble.

I like piano.