Singing Rubric

Sing Rubric:

For a score of a:

1 Needs Improvement > 40% of the time:

  • Not singing
  • Lips not doing the lyrics
  • Not doing what you should be doing
  • Doing what you shouldn’t be doing

2 Making Progress:

  • TRYING or doing your best
  • Lips are saying the words
  • Your eyes are on the lyrics
  • Voice is singing/trying to sing
  • Doing many of the things that good singers do
  • Part of the time doing 3 work and part of the time doing 1 work

3 At Standard > 80% of the time:

  • Singing the lyrics
  • Match pitch
  • Know the rhythm
  • Doing what good singers do:
  • Good posture
  • Breath support
  • Enunciate clearly
  • Tall oval shaped mouth
  • Project

4 Vocal Leader

  • Your voice leads other students
  • Sing with excellent expression
  • Good tone quality
  • Do all of the things that a good singer does