Kindergarten Connection
If you have a kindergarten student at Whittier, you're probably wondering, so what's MY child doing?  This section should help you.

Things that we work on in class are singing games, vocal pitch matching, learning ensemble expectations & conductor cues,  learning elements of music such as: beat, Ta, Ti-Ti, Fast-Slow, Loud-Soft and Up-Down-Same.

Click on the sidebar to the right to see what Ta & Ti-ti look like and then see if you child can read some of the 4 beat rhythm patterns or even match the ones that are the same.  We've been doing all of this in class.  Try to ask questions to help your child get the right answer rather than giving them the answer.  A bit part of the learning is thinking through the problem to find a solution.

Be sure to check out the Student Composition link as well.  That's where I'm posting the music that they write.

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