Composition & Performance Rubrics:
Composition & Performance Rubrics:

When we assess our success with our compositions, we look at the written composition separately from the student performance.  

Whenever possible, we videotape student performances so that they can assess their own work.  They see their composition alongside their taped performance.  This is a powerful tool for student growth and understanding of how to improve their work.  Students learn from one another in a supportive, highly social setting.

Each part of the work, Composition & Performance, are scored for Rhythm and Pitch as separate items. 

                            Rhythm            Pitch

Composition       ______              ______          

Performance      ______              ______

The scoring is assigned as stated below:

Composition -
1 – Work is incomplete or mostly incorrect
2 – Work is complete and at least ½ is correct
3 – Work is complete and mostly correct ( 1 or 2 mistakes, demonstrates clear understanding of musical concepts)
4 - The work is complete and correct.  Student added rhythmic/melodic elements beyond what is expected.

Performance -
1-    Most of the rhythms are hard to decipher, can’t tell where the student is playing.
2-    We can follow along with the music.  The student makes a number of mistakes or has an inconsistent beat.
3-    Music is played well, with very few mistakes & a fairly steady beat.
4-    Music is played perfectly with a steady beat.