March 2007 comments from parents.


Parents of students in our ASAP were surveyed in March concerning their children’s participation in our program.  They were asked to answer the question “What do you like or dislike about the program?” and they were invited to give “any further comments” about the program.  Here is what they had to say:



It gives her something to do everyday.


I like that it’s a nice place and a fun thing for the kids to continue to learn new things outside the classroom.


I wish it was Monday through Friday and covered more weeks throughout the school year.  It’s hard for families with two working parents to arrange before school / after school / daycare with an irregular schedule.  We’d be willing to pay money for this program.


It helps him with his homework.


I like everything.


It’s nice after school – no rush to pick up kids (plus) I love the summer program – it was very helpful for the kids.


The opportunity to experience different cultures, art, etc.  The staff is excellent!


I liked when (my daughter) and the other kids learned how to sing a Somali song – and they do their homework.


She likes to dance a lot.


Invaluable – allows me to work regular hours.


Great program!  My kids love it – no complaints.


I like this program because it is both fun and academic.


It helped my child develop her social skills.


All the opportunities to experience different things.  The staff is wonderful!


I like everything in the program.


It is good for (my daughter).


My child’s participation has helped our family through a difficult family crisis.


Kids have some outlet other than just ‘hanging around.’  Parents don’t have to worry about additional daycare problems in the afternoon.


(My son) is a ‘graduate’ of Whittier but he is still able to participate in the morning program.


I like this program.  My kids have fun and dislike nothing.


I like that the program gives children something to do after school instead of being in the streets.


I like that the program offers different learning experiences for children.


The opportunity to learn a lot of different things.  Love the staff!


I like the fact that the teachers take time out of their own time to help with students.


I’m thankful for the staff and all they do for all the children.


I like that she’s involved in activities at school rather than being bored.


I think the program is great!


I wish it were offered on Fridays.


It teaches him new activities from around the world.