Ms. Zampino's 2nd Graders started Polyrhythms today!
2nd Grade Polyrhythm
They LOVED it.  They asked if they could perform the piece that they worked on today and said that they liked it better than Alegria!!  Just wait till we add the rest of the parts...

What you see are the 3 parts.  We use simple rhythms:  Ta, titi & rest.  When writing a polyrhythm, it's good to make sure that there is a variety of rhythms on most of the beats.  You don't want all the parts to have the same rhythms at the same time.  Here you can see that the triangle plays on the 4th beat of each measure, when the big drums have a rest.  The stick part starts partway through the big drum part and ends on at the beginning of the 1st measure.  This helps the piece to have a rolling, continuous feel to it. 

Maybe you can find some things at home to make similar sounds and see if you can play the polyrhythms at home.  Good luck.  I recommend that everyone plays each part all together to start and then break into parts one at a time.  Add another part only after you have each part solid and also consistently aligned with the other parts.  This is what we call "tight" in music, precise, exact.

Let me know how this works for you!