1st Grade Composition

Here is a lesson that 1st Graders did with ABAC form. 

It is 4 measures of 4/4 time making 16 beats.


The 1st video shows the instructions. There is a link to a slideshow of their compositions below. There’s also a link to a video of them pair-sharing their work and to the worksheet that they use so that you can do this at home.

The process is the same with the grade levels for writing the rhythmic composition with form, but older students have more rhythms and sometimes longer compositions.

After students have finished their composition as described in the ScreenCast, they share it with others to get feedback and help with errors if they need it.

Here is a slideshow of their compositions.
You can pause to read them for practice.

Here is video footage of 1st Graders and Kindergartners who are sharing their music.  The 1st Graders are sharing their work and checking for mistakes.  The Kindergartners are group sharing and the person who wrote the music gets to play it on the drum while their classmates read it with them.

You can compose at home with the same worksheet!